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Sartorian Design

A place for all artists of Sartorias-deles

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Welcome to Sartorian Design, a fanart community devoted to the writings of Sherwood Smith!

If you've read, Crown Duel, or any of her other works, you probably love it. And if you're an artist, you've probably made fanart. And if you're like me, you love making and looking at fanart. Unfortunately, Crown Duel fanart is somewhat hard to come by. It needs one place for it all... so that's why I made this community!

General Rules:
Please be courteous and do not post anything inappropriate, leave that to your own journal if you must.
Don't stir up controversy. While normally this doesn't matter to me, it does to other people, and there's no reason to bring it up in an art community.
Don't spam advertisements for another community or something other than the subject of the community. You can get off-topic, but please stick to Crown Duel, etc., and art.
Don't insult someone for their art - as long as it's not discouraged by the artist, keep all critique constructive.

Art Rules:
NEVER claim anything you did not make as your own. You are only justified for using something someone else made if you have expressed permission to do so. Even so, the less work you did on something, the less it is your own. Anyone guilty of art theft will be swiftly removed the from the community.
You're free to link to other people's fanart, as long as you clearly give them full credit and you do not direct-link. (If the piece is in a gallery of theirs, link to the gallery page.) If there's the slightest chance they would object, ask them first.
Link to your art any way you want, but if you directly put it in your post please put it under an LJ-cut for the sake of our friends lists.
You can post ways to improve your art, but other non-fanart should not be posted here. Feel free to let us know where we can find your other art, though.
No mature art.
Any form of art is welcome.

If any of the art in this community is displayed elsewhere without the artist's permission, you will pay somehow.

Subject to change. I hope to add more descriptions as opposed to rules when this community is thoroughly up and going.

Currently Working on:
A layout. I'll hopefully get something impressive, artistic, and relevant up soon.
Members. xD